BIG THINGS are coming to the Apollo Civic Theatre, and by big we mean a Dragon, and by Dragon, we mean a girl Dragon.
AND this dragon wants you to know:

Don’t let the terms Junior, or Youth Theatre fool you in to believing this is just a kids show,
This is theatre done by kids at a higher level.  The commitment of this cast of kids, as well as the production staff of our youth programs here give the “adult shows” a run for their money.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy this show.

(Dragon. started out her original form as a crocodile made for a youth production of Peter Pan, Jr several years ago by parents.  A year or so later, another couple of parents pulled  the paper mache crocodile out of hiding and turned that into a hippopotamus for a production of James and the Giant Peach, Jr.  In the last couple weeks she has been pulled out of our props room once again and been transformed into a beautiful, girl dragon for Shrek, Jr. the Musical set to open November 15th – 17th here at the Apollo Civic Theatre.)

(Before she became Dragon. Remnants of gorilla glue from Hippo horns and new Starbucks cups to have a base for dragons beautiful eyelashes.  All to be able to wooo Donkey in Shrek, Jr.)

(Paper Mache and clay build the kissable lips of Dragon)

So: “Oh, it’s just a kids show” are words that even Dragon may find offending.
We go all out on our youth productions.  To Tiffany Leighton, (Director of all the Junior shows) and Aubrey Ervin, (Producer of all of the Youth Programs), the kids deserve the right to a full production, and luckily the support and volunteering of the parents allows them to deliver just that.  We have parents that come in with their kids and build the sets from scratch, paint the set, decorate the lobby, and commit to 13 + weeks commitment every time we put on a youth production.  When you have such a great group of kids that are genuinely interested in theatre and learning work ethic, accountability, and team work they deserve to have a production that equals all of the same commitment and effort.  We hope audiences will love the set, the costumes, the lights and most of all their performance.

(Hippo’s red eyes are being covered with tin foil and mache to turn into Dragons blushing cheeks.  Sun Visors have been glued over Starbucks cups to make eyes)

We hope to make a big impact on the community, and provide a place for people to come into and feel how much we all care about these kids and where we live.  We think the audiences deserve a great experience from the minute they step into the lobby of our theatre.
Photos of this Dragon that will end up being about 20 feet long should prove just that.

(Dragon in Progress)

Come see the Cast of Shrek, Jr and Dragon complete and with her charms.
November 14 – We are excited to see over 1000 kids and seniors at our special day Field Trip showing.

November 15th 7:30pm
November 16th 1:00pm
November 16th 7:30pm
November 17th 2:30pm

Tickets available online or at the door.

Want to help us prove we are not just a kids show?
Contact Us!
Always looking for photographers to capture great images, handy people to help build sets and help upkeep our theatre, creative minds to help with fundraisers and donations to do bigger things in our little theatre every day!

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