Saying hi with a Theatre Craft idea!

Hello from us at the Apollo!
We just wanted to pop in and say hello, and that we are thinking of you!
(Miss Aubrey here.  Hi!!)
What a whirlwind couple of weeks that has passed by us.
We had our final performance on Sunday, March 15th of Frozen, Jr.
What a wonderful group we had for this production.
Parents and our young actors alike, stepped up and put in their effort for a fantastic show.

How are you doing? Since Monday, March 16th, we all started staying home once schools were canceled and we have all buckled down to wait.  Have you gotten creative with your time or have you started feeling a little bit like a house cat?

We have had people reach out about our Youth Summer Theatre Workshop Summer Show and we have to be totally honest:
As of today, we just don’t know when we will open back up and see each other.  Don’t worry.
We are thinking of ideas, and brainstorming and are all just waiting like you are.  As soon as we know, we will let you know too!
This  YSTW will be our 38th summer workshop.  How cool is that!?

So, today is Saturday and around Martinsburg it is raining.
I thought it might be time to reach out and say hi and give you something to do so that you don’t go too crazy missing us at the theatre. (Maybe it is just I that is going too crazy missing you?)

Here is an idea to create an easy mini puppet theatre.
Don’t let this be the boss of you.  Make whatever puppets you want!
I used a cereal box. Like I said this isn’t a bossy craft. Use what you have.
You can color or paint your theatre, or you can glue on beads or felt.
Whatever makes you say:  yeaaaaah! I like it!
For the puppets, You can use popsicle sticks, or straws, chopsticks or even butter knifes.
(SHH. don’t tell your mom I am telling you to play with knives.)
OR if you don’t have any of that stuff in your house, go for a walk and find some sticks.
You can make finger puppets if you don’t want to do any of that.  Just have fun with it.

I also really like the idea of making pom pom puppets.
You don’t need anything fancy.  Just yarn and two empty toilet paper rolls.
(I am assuming at least the empty ones are still available!?)
Here is a how to video.

THIS LINK has three blind mice, which would be fun to maybe write your own mini play about.
Are the three blind mice all alike?  Are they really all blind?  Are they secret spies?

What is your favorite book?  Maybe create the characters and act out a scene from it.
Bonus points? a book that has no picture of the characters.  Make puppets based on what you picture them looking like.

Maybe collaborate with a friend via text and facetime.

Okay. Now, OFF you go.
But only go to another room in your house, because remember we all need to #stayhome
Be creative and have fun.
send me photos OR a video of a show you create!
We all want to see what you’re doing.
[email protected]

Stay well, and we will all see each other soon!