Please come out and audition for DRACULA!

July 24th and 25th
Drop in between 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Please come prepared with a Dramatic Monologue

Jonathan: (20-30) Love interest to Mina, a solicitor sent by his employer to Castle Dracula.
Educated man who is influenced by Dracula.
Dracula: (any age) Mysterious gentleman, who is exposed to hold a deep and dangerous
Seward: (30+) Asylum curator, denied by Lucy. Becomes entangled in Dracula’s scheme. Quincey: (18-30) American from Texas, young and jolly. Becomes roped into the hunt for
Arthur:(18-30) The winner to Lucy’s heart. Romantic.
Renfield: (18-40) Residence to the asylum. Driven to madness by unseen forces.
Van Helsing: (30+) Cloak and dagger, man of the church, with many skills.
Mina: (18-25) Strong sense of right and wrong. Best friends to Lucy.
Lucy: (18-25) A soul-full romantic, eager and young, but easily influenced.
Ensemble Roles:
Dracula’s Brides, Carriage Driver, Sam, Old Lady, Young Woman, Sister Agatha, Paper Boy, Maid, Young Dracula, Father John, Mr. Swales, and Attendant

If you have any questions about any of the above roles, please contact the stage manager at [email protected]. Multiple roles are gender flexible as well as not age restrictive. Some roles will also be double cast.
Show dates are October 18, 19 & 20, 2024