Sweeney Todd character breakdown


Character Descriptions: The age ranges listed are the characters’ ages, not necessarily the ages of the actors. Audition songs listed are strongly suggested but not required for the initial audition, but if you must be prepared to sing them later that night.


Sweeney Todd (40s-50s) a wrongly convicted master barber. He has returned to London seeking to right the 

wrongs committed against him, Johanna’s father. He is powerful, vengeful, hot-tempered, intelligent, forceful, 

terrifying, brooding and morose with a certain cynical charm. He must have a commanding presence. 

Vocal range: Baritone – F2 – Gb4 Audition Song: My Friend and A Little Priest


Mrs. Lovett (40s-50s) an entrepreneurial and unscrupulous meat pie shop owner. She falls in love with Todd and 

turns his desire for revenge into a profitable business venture for herself. She is talkative, cheerful, manipulative, 

devious and ambitious with a sexual prowess. Great comedic timing is necessary.

Vocal range: Mezzo w/belt – G3 – E5 Audition Song: The Worst Pies in London and A Little Priest


Anthony: (20s) a naive and youthful sailor returning to London. He rescues Todd and unexpectedly falls in love 

with Johanna. Strong, brave and full of the joys of the world. He has yet to inhabit the cynical qualities of Todd. 

He grows more and more terrified of the world around him.

Vocal range: Tenor – Bb2-F4.Audition song: Joanna


Joanna: (20s needs to appear 18) a high-spirited girl, full of innocence with a flirtatious demeanor. She is constantly 

yearning for freedom. Todd’s long-lost daughter and Judge Turpin’s ward.

Vocal range: Soprano – Bb3-A5 Audition Song: Green Finch and Linnet Bird


Tobias: (20s-30s) a person with intellectual disabilities apprenticed to Pirelli and who loves Lovett. He is loyal, truthful and innocent to a fault with a heart of gold and a sharp eye. He does not trust Todd.

Vocal range: Tenor – Bb2-Ab4. Audition Song: Not While I’m Around


Beggar Woman (Lucy): (40s-50s) an eerie, poor soul living on the streets of London making her living prostituting 

herself to sailors at London docks. She is a schizophrenic woman who harbors a dark, surprising 

secret. She is actually Todd’s wife unrecognizable, but a consistent character through the show. Her interjections 

go unheeded. 

Vocal range: Mezzo – Ab3 – F5 Audition Song: No Place like London Measure 28


Judge Turpin: (50 plus) a lecherous, corrupt and evil public official who portrays himself as sanctimonious. He 

takes advantage of his position in the city and is responsible for imprisoning Todd. He lusts after Joanna. 

Vocal range Bass – E2-Gb4. Audition Song: Johanna (Judge’s Song): Mea Culpa


Beadle Bamford: (30s-50) a pompous public official, deeply loyal to Judge Turpin. He is eager, violent, 

unscrupulous and terrorizing. Vocal range: High Tenor – D3-D5 Audition Song: Ladies in Their Sensitivities


Adolfo Pirelli: (30s-40s) A charlatan and former employee of Todd’s who has since developed a public 

persona as a flashy and flamboyant Italian barber. He is crooked, calculating and conniving with a hot temper. A 

comedic role. Both Italian and Irish accents are required. Vocal range: High Tenor – B2-C5 Audition Song: Pirelli’s 



Male & Female Ensemble: A strong ensemble needed for this show. They act as a Greek Chorus commenting on 

the action and augmenting the story. Some of the roles they will portray include; Storytellers, Townspeople, Police, 

Lunatics and Customers. The Ensemble gets ample opportunity for vocal challenges and is showcased throughout.

Vocal range: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Audition Song: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd

Ideally, we are looking for strong singer/actors who love 

the challenge of playing multiple roles.