Robbie Limon Band

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August 23, 2024

Robbie Limon is a very talented singer-songwriter and entertainer who is as comfortable with intimate, small venue, and solo appearances, singing the best music of the 1970s and accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, as he is playing before festival crowds or sold out theater performances. He has averaged 200+ such appearances each year since 2005. Performing in multiple venues across the United States, at various events ranging from wineries, corporate functions, anniversary events, and private parties. His five piece band specializes in replicating the most memorable recordings of the 1970s. It is a musical event which rekindles the audience memories to that time and their place in it.

Robbie, with his uncanny ability to replicate the vocal characteristics of period singers, thrilled audiences in the syndicated theatrical productions of stage musicals about Hank Williams, Sr. and Buddy Holly (‘Lost Highway’, and ‘Buddy’ ). The performances resulted in consistent rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. He masterfully controls flow, tempo, and brings a huge (and constantly evolving) music selection to every appearance that perfectly compliments the desires and needs of any event.

His diverse experience and talents, honed over many years of performing, continue to earn him high praise and bookings that regularly find him with a full schedule a year or more in advance, just  to secure his talents…

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