E Wooten (Beggar Woman) has Old Bay running through their veins and Country Roads reluctantly stuck in their brain for eternity. Born in Baltimore, MD and residing in Washington County, E received their Bachelor of Music Education from Shepherd University in 2015. They quickly realized public education was not for them, and started off to side quests in bookselling, coffee making, landscaping, and gender questioning! They currently utilize their education degree in the medical cannabis industry, making information accessible to all walks of life and breaking misconceptions about the plant. It has been years since E hit the stage, but they could not miss the opportunity to perform this complex and stunning show again. Originally performing in the ensemble for Shepherd University, the role of Beggar Woman has always been a dream, so please enjoy as they scuttle through madness in the most mischievous musical way. E would like to give thanks to The Apollo for this opportunity, all the cast and crew for their hard work, their army of friends and loved ones for constant support, and their cat for being the cutest pattootest, even when there is no tuna.